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Designers and Brand Owners across the United States, Canada and Europe will experience unprecedented growth in retail sales in the Caribbean with the help from Bruno limited. Branching from strong roots in the Caribbean, headquartered on the beautiful island of Barbados, Bruno Limited focused on brand-building for the past 18 years, working with famous fashion designers across the globe to develop their brand in the Caribbean. Ready-to-wear Designer Apparel, Shoes, Handbags, and Accessories all made from quality textiles for clothing and the finest of leathers for shoes and handbags. We understand our market and are passionate and very experienced in the areas of Brand Management and Business Development.

Bruno is known for style, elegance and grace with exceptional customer service. Join us and get the Bruno competitive advantage that includes:

  • A focus on niche marketing
  • Select products & styles that are unique and geared towards our customers
  • Customized merchandise to fit the shapes & sizes of our targeted customers
  • In-store merchandising displays geared towards our targeted customers
  • A focus on building relationships with our customers
  • An emphasis on maintaining strong repeat business with our clients
  • An investment in the training of our staff to serve the needs of our customers
  • Tracking our customers' reactions and responses to create links with our products & services
  • Memorable customer experiences
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  • B=Balanced, Brand, Building
  • R=Respectful, Relationships.
  • U=Unified Team with Unique Ideas
  • N=Niche Marketing, Networks,
  • O=Opportunities for ALL
  • Q=Qualified, Quality Assurance
  • C=Consistent, Customer Service

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